Pembridge Stars on Flickr.

I took this a while ago on a weekend away with the family, I really wasn’t expecting the stars to be great but I was proved very wrong.

I could’ve happily sat here for hours, watching the shooting stars that were surprisingly often that night.

A Wonderful Welsh Sunset on Flickr.

I went to Aberystwyth this weekend to meet up with friends, and as much as i love Aber, I couldn’t resist taking a trip up to Clarach for sunset.
It’s not a place I’d go for a day out but the rocky beach is wonderfully photogenic.

I used a 10 stop ND filter to get some nice smooth sea that contrasted against the jagged rocks.

14 Spots on Flickr.

This is a 14-spotted ladybird that I found in the garden, I was firing multiple shots as it walked along the tall grass in an attempt to get one in focus, which proved difficult due to its speed.

I was absolutely chuffed when i looked back and saw this one, a sharp shot taken during the split second it opened it’s elytra.

Whitby Beach Huts on Flickr.

As soon as I saw these colourful huts along the seafront I knew i had to get a photo of them.
I took some in the day but I thought it would be better to back at sunset, and i was right, the vibrant sky complimented the equally vibrant beach huts rather well.

I also saw some guys who asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of their bikes, a couple of lovely Triumphs. They said they really liked the shots and they will feature on a classic bike website they’re currently working on.

So it turned out to be a pretty worthwhile trip out!

Early Morning Serenity on Flickr.

This was taken at about 5am, when it was just us and a few fishermen in Whitby, way before the tourists flocked in.

I used a simple black and white long exposure to portray the peacefulness of the morning, something unusual in such a busy town.

Always Hungry on Flickr.

After a long period of my mum talking to and feeding this squirrel most days, she now lets us get pretty close to her, providing we’re wielding peanuts…

Aislaby Under the Stars on Flickr.

This is where me and my girlfriends family stayed up in Whitby, a lovely set of cottages in an awesome location.

I read that the night skies up in the York Moors are some of the best in the UK, and even with a nearby town, it lived up to the expectations.

Newquay on Flickr.

Me, my girlfriend, and some mates went to Newquay for a few days this week, i’d forgot how much fun the waves are, all i need to do to properly enjoy them is learn to surf…

I used my mates GoPro to get this shot, which has made me really want a waterproof casing for my camera.

Whitby Sunrise on Flickr.

When the 4 of us saw overcast skies after getting up at 4.30 we weren’t too happy, but we definitely weren’t going to go back to bed.
Luckily by the time we got down there the clouds were starting to clear, and although it took a while for the sun to break through it was well worth it, there’s just something wonderful about watching the sun rise.

A Cloudy Cader Idris on Flickr.

After a couple of years of saying we’d climb Cader, me and my friends finally got round to doing so during grad week.

Annoyingly the weather was pretty bad so we didn’t make it to the summit, but the clouds did look awesome rolling over the mountain.

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